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We Make our Life Easier!

Party Travels

* Come and join some of the hottest sport bars & night clubs in ATL with AWD, LLC

* $60 per person

* This Travel come with a complimentary bottle of Remy V.S.O.P or D'USSE

* Book appointments 48-72 hours in advance

* There will be a 10% non-refundable fee at booking


Local & Long Distance Travels


$10 One Way = One Person

$20 Round Trip = One Person

$7 A Piece One Way = Multiple PPL

$14 A Piece Round Trip = Multiple PPL

Long Distance:

$40 One Way = Each Person

$60 Round Trip = Each Person


Courier Service Local and Long Distance

*Freight Companies, lawyers, personal and business alike in need of any deliveries. Book all your deliveries today with AWD, LLC and we'll deliver to you. 

*GA, FL and surrounding areas.

*$25+ local deliveries = 20 miles or less

*$75+ local deliveries for freight = 20 miles or less

*$1.50+ per mile long distance = 20 miles or more

*$1.74+ per mile on freight long distance = 20 miles or more

(Call for more info)

Errands Service

Let A Wise Decision, LLC help make your life easier by
Letting us deliver all your errands.

(Sensitive Documents - Grocery Shopping - Personal Shopper - Medication P/D - Corporate Housing - Clothing Specialist - Car Pick Up/Drop Off - Schedule Appts - All Travels - Car Rentals - Book Hotels - Food P/D - Personal Alarm - Laundry/Dry Cleaner P/D - Truck Parts P/D)

Book Appointments 48-72 hours in advance!
*Credentials* License. insured/bonded

Professional Handyman Service

Home improvement inside and out.

Our professional services can provide:

Professional painter - Drywall finishing - Electrical - Flooring - Carpet - Roofing & more!

Prices will vary depending on the job.

Serious inquires only!

Truck Parts Delivery Service

**ATTENTION** to all truck drivers, owner operates in need of truck parts picked up & delivered to any location from one of the largest selection in truck parts (R. Kerns of Atlanta).
Serving GA, FL, AL and surrounding areas.
Give us a call today or tomorrow and save money on all your P/D!

*Credentials* License, Insured & Bonded - TSA CERT

Note: There will be a $10 cover charge fee for all after hours P/D 9am-7am Mon-Fri.
All weekend and holidays a $10 cover charge will be applied to all hours.

Note: Any and all parts over 50lbs, there will be a $5 per lb cover charge fee.

Prices may vary upon the distance and the part(s) being delivered.
Call for more details.
Serious inquires only!

Food Pick-Up & Delivery Service

For all you food lovers who desire their favorite restaurant(s) to come to your front door or any location of your choice, we always deliver!

A one time $10 delivery fee is due upon delivery no matter how much food is ordered as long as it's coming from one establishment.

So what will it be today for you?

Serious inquires only!

Laundry / Dry Cleaners Pick-Up & Delivery Service

Book your next laundry / dry cleaners appt with us today or tomorrow!

The in-store drop off price is only $3.99 (with exception of formal / comforters)

Pick-Up days / time Monday 8-10am

Deliveries days / time Thursday 8-10am

Note: Pick-Up / delivery price is included. Payments can be pre-paid or by cash. Laundry can be picked up at any location by us.

Serious inquires only!  Insured / bonded. 

Give us a call today or tomorrow!

Senior Care Service

(Certified CNA's on duty) and we also dedicate our services to the impaired.

We also take those that are in need to all Doctors Appts. and any Medical visits

(Locally & Long Distance)

Note: Prices May Vary

Translation "Documents/Letters" Service

Let AWD, LLC be your premiere translator service provider!
We can translate all your documents & letters from any language to English for a small fee!

Same day service $25 - $150

Note: Price may vary on documents & letters being translated or converted to fit to your satisfaction!

After we provide the service you need, please send out an honest review and feedback to our page. You can also go to the BBB to send a review. Refer to the ratings below.

5= Strongly Recommended

4= Recommended

3= Sometimes Needed

2= Undecided

1= Not Recommended

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